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Redwood Roots Brings Artisan Herb and Culture to the World

May 7, 2019

If lifelong friendships, family values, fine artisan herb, and smart breeding are enough to fuel a revolution in small farming, Redwood Roots has all the elements it needs to succeed in a “green rush” atmosphere where everybody is betting against them except the people who know them best. Despite what you may have heard about the outlaw culture of California’s Emerald Triangle, and most notoriously the “Murder Mountain” area of southern Humboldt County, this is a tight-knit community of families whose shared experiences over many years have imbued them with a communal toughness they equate with the intertwining “tribal” root system of the redwood forests.


California’s Weed Revolution

PLAYBOY – March 2018
“Marlboro can go put up a thousand fucking-acre grow if they want to,” says Chris Anderson, founder of Redwood Roots, a southern Humboldt County–based collective of 37 farms that prides itself on being a multi-generation-farmer “family.” (At the cup, its booth featured a glass jar with three forearm-size buds jutting out of it.)

“Cannabis farmers are very good at improvising, and they’re resilient people,” Chris Anderson of Redwood Roots says. “We will always find a way, no matter what. That’s who we are, that’s what we are, and that’s who we’ll always be.” — Christopher Anderson,  Founder of Redwood Roots


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