Redwood Roots, Inc is a medical cannabis collective that is proud to be a part of a culture with lifetimes of experience, impeccable knowledge, integrity and passion. We’ve spent decades cultivating our farming expertise. Our purpose of operation is to protect and support Humboldt county cannabis heritage and livelihood while providing world class medicine state-wide. 

From deep in the magical mountains and valleys of Humboldt County in rural Northern California, where the OGs of the world’s most legendary cannabis cultivators have been firmly rooted for 40+ years, stands Redwood Roots and their family of cultivators known around the world for their artisanal herb. 

Strains brought here by the forefathers of SHC herb culture from select regions around the world known for cannabis have been bred here, in the heart of Humboldt, to help create what is now the plethora of strains that are the highest quality in the world. 

The strains, breeders, farmers and climate speak for themselves and we have a history to share, from farmer to patient. 

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