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Deep Roots, Rich History: Discover California's Cannabis Legacy 

We bring the Emerald Triangle's legacy directly to you


California Legacy Cannabis Distribution: Redwood Roots Honors and Preserves the Roots of California Cannabis 

Redwood Roots Family, a leading distributor of California legacy cannabis brands, proudly carries the torch of Humboldt County's rich agricultural heritage. We partner with over half of the region's licensed farms, representing thousands of years of collective farming wisdom passed down through generations.

Our story begins with the back-to-the-land movement, where pioneering families sought a natural lifestyle in Northern California's fertile hills. These resilient farmers adopted sustainable practices, cultivating a diverse range of crops, including some of the world's most sought-after Emerald Triangle cannabis.

Despite facing challenges during the War on Drugs, our Humboldt partners continued to innovate. Their multi-generational dedication to cultivating the same strains on their land has yielded unique cannabinoid and terpene profiles unmatched anywhere else. This deep understanding allows them to unlock the full potential of each flower, resulting in exceptional California legacy cannabis for you to experience.

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Legacy Brands


Dispensary Partners


Products Available 

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We Offer a Range of Services to Meet All Types of Needs

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We have built a distribution supply chain to provide Humboldt and the rest of the Emerald Triangle a way to distribute their products across the entire state of California. 


We take great pride in working with many of the Emerald Triangle's multi-generational brands and farms by giving them the tools to bring their products across the entire state of California. 


We work diligently to provide a one-stop shop for California Dispensaries by providing a robust line of legacy cannabis brands and products to California's dispensaries who want to offer the roots of California's cannabis legacy. 


We consistently provide an avenue for high-quality bulk material to be available to California's many brands and distributors. We take immense pride in our offerings. 




Where Can You Currently Purchase Humboldt Legacy Products?

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We Take Immense Pride In Our Partnerships Across The State

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Want Emerald Triangle Cannabis Delivered To Your Doorstep?

We got you. 

We work with the Meadow Platform to provide legacy cannabis direct to your door. 

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